Your Top 4 Questions About Period After Pregnancy Answered

Your Top 4 Questions About Period After Pregnancy Answered

So, you’ve just had a baby. Congrats! In the 9ish months it took to grow your special little, you got a break from your period. It’s not like you didn’t have other crazy things going on with your body, of course. But your period wasn’t one of them.


And then you got to experience what’s basically an extended period in the form of lochia (postpartum bleeding). This usually lasts for 3-6 weeks after baby. Congrats again for surviving all these changes to your body!


But you may be asking yourself, when will I get my actual period back? Below are the answers to the top 4 questions new mommies ask about their periods after baby.


1. When will I get my period after baby?
You may not be excited about getting your period again after pregnancy, but you at least want to know when it will happen.


It’s different for all women, just like pregnancy. But here’s a couple typical timelines:

  • If you exclusively bottle feed or even combine bottle feeding with breastfeeding, then you may get your period back 5-6 weeks after baby.
  • If you exclusively breastfeed, including nights, your period will usually be postponed until you stop feeding around the clock.


Why? According to OB/GYN Dr. Diane Young, “To produce breast milk, your brain produces higher levels of the hormone prolactin. This typically means you won’t ovulate (your ovaries won’t release eggs). So you likely won’t have periods.”


2. What will my period after baby be like?
Nothing like what you experienced getting baby here, at least. Some women don’t notice much change from what their period was like before baby.


But here are some changes you may see:

  • Cramping – may be more or less than before baby
  • Heavier bleeding – this may include small blood clots too
  • Irregularity – especially at the beginning, periods may be shorter or come more infrequently


3. Is that spotting or my period?
So you’ve stopped lochia bleeding and haven’t gotten your regular period back yet. But then you have one of those back in high school moments where you see blood in an unwelcome place. Is this my period or just spotting?


Two things to consider here:

  • If you’re fewer than 5-6 weeks postpartum, you may be overdoing it. “Exercise or increased activity can cause red bleeding and a heavier flow to reappear.” Try to relax and take it easy for a couple days if this happens.
  • If you’re breastfeeding and increasing the time between feeds, sometimes you’ll experience spotting as your hormones adjust.


4. Can I get pregnant again if I haven’t gotten my period yet?
Yep, you sure can. Ovulation can happen before your first period after baby. And while breastfeeding can delay ovulation, it doesn’t always.


If you want to avoid back-to-back pregnancy, it’s best to talk to your doctor about contraception methods that are right for your post-baby body. But if you want to try again quickly, your doctor usually gives you the go-ahead for sex 4-6 weeks after baby.

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