The Struggle is Real: 15 Struggles Women on Their Period Face

The Struggle is Real: 15 Struggles Women on Their Period Face

Once a month, Mother Nature brings women a special gift: periods. Every female knows the struggles that accompany this lovely time of the month. But, why is the struggle real during that time of the month?



1. Your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans feel like ultra-tight skinny jeans.
Throw on sweatpants because the bloating just got real.

2. Whites and light-colored clothing are completely off limits.
Want to wear your white jeans to a dinner party? Forget about it. Or else you might need to invest in the best stain remover on the market.

3. You are a walking emotional basket case.
I want to scream at you, ignore you, and hug you, all at the same time. Why? I’m not sure… These are mad times, mad times I tell you!

4. You cry at anything and everything at the drop of a hat.
See a cute puppy video? *Cue the tears*

5. When it’s hotter than Hades outside and you elect to wear a pad, the inside of your panties are wet, sweaty, and sticking to your ass.
In addition to being hot and tired, I get to be uncomfortable! Woooo!

6. Your inner sleepy sloth comes out.
Can I just lay in bed all day and let my uterus do its thing? It’s exhausting.

7. You spend your week’s salary on sweets.
And Nutella. And potato chips. And pickles. Give me food or give me death!

8. The fact that your boobs look totally amazing, but hurt like hell.
Why can’t my rack always look this bodacious? (without the pain, of course)

9. You turn into a covert spy to conceal your tampon as you hurriedly rush to the bathroom.
Do they make tampon pattered camouflage? But seriously, don’t be embarrassed it is so natural #embraceyourperiod!

10. That moment when you must decide which underwear are going to be your “period panties.”
Save your old undies for these dark, dark times. Your cramps feel like children are having recess inside your uterus.
“Sally, can you stop kicking that ball around? Jamie, get off the swing!!!” SAVE ME FROM THE PERIOD CHILDREN!

11. When you’re in public and your tampon string adjusts in an uncomfortable way, and you must wait until there is privacy for relief.
Finding a bathroom is “holy grail” in this situation.

12. Your significant other tiptoes around you all week showering you with smiles to avoid waking the “Aunt Flo” beast.
He/She is a real keeper if chocolate, wine, or flowers show up during your time of the month. Oh, and if they avoid the question you know they’re the ones: what’s wrong with you, are you on your period or something?

13. The moment you stock up on pads and tampons at the store, and the cashier is an awkward teenage boy.
Yes, I bleed out of my vagina. Stop avoiding eye contact. Is there any way to make this better?? *wink wink*

14. But at the end of your cycle, you feel like a warrior for surviving the monthly typhoon!
Three cheers for menstruation! Next month won’t be as bad *sigh*.

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