The Best Period Tracking Apps

The Best Period Tracking Apps

Keeping track of our periods can be a huge pain, as punctuality is not Aunt Flo’s best trait. Of course, there’s the old school tactic of counting out 28 days from your last period to determine when your next one will be and marking it on your calendar. But it’s 2019. There’s literally an app for everything (and we mean everything) so, of course, there are a number of apps to help you track your period. Instead of being wedded to that calendar hanging on your wall or being surprised by a visit from Aunt Flo because you forgot to check said calendar, why not have an app remind you instead? Check out these top-notch period tracking apps below.



The next time you’re trying to figure out when your period will arrive, download Clue. This free app uses an algorithm that flags patterns in a woman’s cycle from collected data. It includes an ovulation calendar, and it sends users alerts regarding their period. The app also offers the option to log moods, health, and exercise to further help identify those aforementioned patterns in a user’s cycle.


My Calendar

The name of this app is pretty self-explanatory—it’s a calendar for your period. This app helps women keep track of their cycles as well as gathers information to help women know when their next potential ovulation date is.


An added bonus is that this app allows users to set pill reminders, which means no more last-minute scrambling to remember to take your birth control.



Eve is an entertaining saving grace for those of us who are sick of our periods sneaking up on us. Beyond simply tracking your period, the app also can predict a user’s chance of getting pregnant.


The app comes with fun features like sex quizzes, a “Cyclescope” delivered daily (a horoscope that takes into account where you are in your cycle), and a sex log.


Flo & Period Ovulation

This app is great for those who like to keep their cycle info private. Flo & Period Ovulation is a password-protected app that tracks periods and estimates users’ most fertile days for those who are attempting to get pregnant. The app also lets users log how they’re feeling when it comes to menstrual flow, sex drive, and more.



Glow is an app that gets smarter the more you use it. Beyond simply tracking your period, Glow can predict the user’s next period, record their moods, their sexual activity, and more. The longer the app is used, however, the more the app can predict as it gets “smarter.” It’s a great option for those who are trying to get pregnant.



This app is for those who want to give their partner a little more insight into their moods (or perhaps a warning for any PMS mood swings). This easy-to-use app keeps track of periods and fertility, and it’s also able to be shared with a user’s partner.

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