Period Misconceptions as Told by the Internet

Period Misconceptions as Told by the Internet

Men and women are equal in every way (save for those in which we’re better) except for one: Guys will never understand what it’s like to have a period.


Their lives are cramp, craving and mood swing-free, and the fact that they will never know the stress that comes with standing up every time they wear white jeans or what it means to “JUST NEED CHOCOLATE RIGHT NOW,” is pretty effing unfair. But if there’s one saving grace about the less-fair sex not having to deal with a monthly free bleed, it’s the fact that their misconceptions about the whole thing are straight up hilarious… and will provide us all with LOL-worthy material to get through our next few bouts of PMS.


Read about some of the most hilarious things that guys think are true about periods, care of Reddit.


The Guy Who Didn’t Get The Whole “Two Holes” Thing
“My housemate’s boyfriend believed (until we recently educated him) that a woman urinated from her vagina. So, basically, when a woman has her period and uses a tampon, she also doesn’t need to pee.”


The Guy Who Would Really Help Us Save Money On Tampons
“A guy that thought that girls only use 1 tampon through the whole period. 12 a year.”


The Guy Who Has Definitely Never Heard Of “TSS”
“My male friend thought all females wore tampons all the time. As in all day every day, just in case their periods started. Because their periods came suddenly and forcefully like an explosive ruby geyser.”


The Guy Who Was Just Straight Up Confused
“My boyfriend once asked me how I know when my period is over… it stops? I don’t think it gets much simpler than that.”


The Guy Who Assumed #PeriodLife Was A Lot Easier Than It Actually Is
“An ex used to think I chose when my period was, like ‘I want to start on the Tuesday, and finish on the Saturday’ and my body did it.”


The Guy Who Basically Wanted To “Red Tent” Us All
“I was once chatting to a close, male online friend about what I’d been up to over the weekend.After a while, he was like ‘hang on, I thought you were on your period…?’ It took me a really time to understand what the issue was, but essentially he was surprised/confused that I’d been shopping and for lunch with friends and to a party while on my period. When I asked what he thought I did while I was on it, he was like ‘I figured you’d just stay at home.’”


The Guy Who Has Been Literally Seeing The World In Reverse
“My oldest brother thought that pads were stuck onto the crotch and it took him a while to understand how they could possibly stick to underwear…”


The Guy Who Thought We Put The PEE In Period
“I had a classmate who thought women crossed their legs while sitting to stop the blood from spraying out. He thought it came out at the same speed and pressure as pee.”

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